Tuesday, July 22

I Just can't help myself with the lilies!!

The Red lilies came from my Grandmother Ruth's garden.
She pasted in 1979.

The others are new last year. The yellow ones are HUGE.

Wednesday, July 16

Early Morning WAKEUP!!

At 5 AM this young bear decided to play tether ball
with the bird feeders near the living room window. Then hustled off to the easier lick and eat feeder on the shed. I normally pull down the feeders but we have had fledgling cardinals frequenting the feeders. (Sorry about the fuzzy pic. Taken through the window.)

Tuesday, July 15

1st Purple Grapette Lily

One day of Beauty.
That is all you get with these.

Saturday, July 12


These beautiful, creamy blooms have just started with lots more to follow. Planted last year from pots we bought and divided. Its always amazing how well the plants perform after basically ripping their roots apart.

Tuesday, July 8

Old Fashioned Daylilies

Native Daylilies

The native American beauties that turned rural roads into blazes of color in the days when America was naturally beautiful! Old-Fashioned daylilies grow about 2 feet tall in practically any soil or climate. Producing lovely 4-5" bright orange blooms. Each bloom on the Old-Fashioned daylily lasts one day, but each plant has 20 blooms or more for a profusion of new orange beauty, day after day.

They are blooming! Waiting for the "new" plants to start up. Lots of buds promise lots of blooms.

Saturday, July 5

Visitors to the Garden

Great Spangled Fritillary : Speyeria cybele

Family: Brush-footed Butterflies (Nymphalidae)
Open, moist places including fields, valleys, pastures, right-of-ways, meadows, open woodland, prairies.

I was weeding and noticed lots of flying activity. Pollinators. And of course the cats always follow me to the garden. Supervisor Maui Waui surveying the landscape.

Tuesday, July 1

Stella D'oro

The day lilies are starting up for the season. Old fashioned and all the new ones to wait for.