Sunday, April 25

Cats like to hang out too......on the porch!

Welcome to the porch!
We've made the decision to have in-door cats.
There is just too much traffic.

Orion and Stella watch the squirrels race around the yard.
Buddy has his spot too!

The squirrels love to take peanuts from the pitcher. I just couldn't part with the pitcher after I broke the bottom out of it. I seems to keep the peanuts well.

Is he dancing for the cats?

A Male & Female cardinal visit the feeding station.
She is in the shade by the blue pitcher.

Friday, April 23

I like to hang out......I'm talking laundry

Growing up my mom hung out our laundry and I remember helping take it down and folding the items into her large split wood basket. I love to hang out my laundry when the weather is good.

  • Clothes smell wonderfully fresh .
  • The sun brightens and bleaches whites.
  • I like my towels course and a bit scratchy. (some don't)
  • It's therapeutic.
  • It's fun.
  • It's FREE!

  • Sometimes it is hard to tell what the weather will be like at the other end of the day. I got home just in time to take in the laundry before the showers arrived.

    Monday, April 19

    Vinca minor also small periwinkle grows under our flowering crab apple tree.

    These daffodils popped up in the vacant lot next door to where I work.
    If you want to view the teeny spider you'll need to click on the last photo.

    Wednesday, April 14

    Tuesday, April 13

    Springs seems to be here early.....

    they say it is 25 degrees warmer than usual. I am enjoying the warmer temps.
    It's a great time to get out and stroll the neighborhood and enjoy everyone's flowering shrubs.

    It's also great to get out into the yard. Part of the lawn has been raked, the twigs and leaves removed from the flower beds and inventory has been taken. This is a new yard and I can't quite remember where or what things are in the garden. We planted some giant allium bulbs last fall and they are starting up through the earth. Our newly planted clematis also came through the winter cold and has started to creep up the trellis.