Monday, June 29

Ruby Tuesday : Pitcher plant blossom

Pitcher plant, originally uploaded by addvt2nh.

This shot was taken from under the blossom. My little camera on macro point and shoot and almost in the boggy muck. I couldn't see what it looked like until after the shot was taken.

Friday, June 26

Bog Trot in June

Out on the boardwalk for another peek at what is blooming in the bog. The boards move a bit as you walk. You hear squish and gurgle with each new step. Where the boards have sunk into the peat you might even get your feet wet.
Stay on the path or you could sink out of sight.
Bunchberry, part of the Dogwood Family
also known as Ground Dogberry.

Sheep Laurel: poisonous to live stock.
I couldn't figure out what these tiny blooms were.
At first I didn't even see them.
It was a warm and muggy day. Sparrows and chickadees where singing in the trees. I was startled twice by frogs and birds when I disturbed their quite spot. A great lunch time trot.

Tuesday, June 23

Ruby Tuesday : Black Locust Tree pods

On our walk this morning I noticed the Black Locust had beautiful red pods .
An event I've never noticed before.
The pods are said to be toxic.
They hang on through the summer & winter months and then pop open come spring.

Wednesday, June 17

Vermont's State flower : Red Clover

In the tall field grass wildflowers grow and bloom. The smell of the warm moist earth mingled with the sweet fragrance of grass and clover. A gentle breeze made the whole meadow dance about. I could have stayed and sat for hours in the warm sunshine but I needed to return to work.

Tuesday, June 16

not a drop of rain at the ceremony

My daughter is on the far right with the 4 leaf clover on her mortar board.
It had rained all week and through the night. Then the sun came out and it got hot. Then as we're heading to the high school for an outdoor graduation the clouds start rolling in. Through the speeches and the calling of the 180 graduates it stayed dry. As soon recessional was played it started to sprinkle and then the heavens opened up.

Thursday, June 11

Flowers have meaning...more than just pretty?

Pansy: you occupy my thoughts

Strawberry: perfect goodness

Rhododendron: beware

Wednesday, June 10

Monday, June 8

Sir Isaac Gnuton

More of the crazy wildebeests!

Friday, June 5

Spring planting Skywatch

Agriculture is a part of me. I just couldn't drive by this field of
newly sprouted cow corn without taking a picture.
It just really excites me.
It reminds me of the fun I had growing up on the farm.
Promises of warm days.
The miracle of seed to plant to harvest in 4 short months.

Wednesday, June 3

She's got the camera again.....

Look at the camera or
don't look at the camera?
Come on! We're ready to go in, the mosquitoes are annoying!!!