Tuesday, June 16

not a drop of rain at the ceremony

My daughter is on the far right with the 4 leaf clover on her mortar board.
It had rained all week and through the night. Then the sun came out and it got hot. Then as we're heading to the high school for an outdoor graduation the clouds start rolling in. Through the speeches and the calling of the 180 graduates it stayed dry. As soon recessional was played it started to sprinkle and then the heavens opened up.


  1. Congratulations to your daughter:)

  2. Kept dry for the main part then.
    I can see the rain sweeping in from the second picture.
    And well done to your daughter.

  3. Hi Andrea,
    How exciting that you have a Graduate! These milestones with children are so memorable. Good Luck to her! (Seems as though her 4 leaf clover brought the whole ceremony some luck...)


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