Friday, June 26

Bog Trot in June

Out on the boardwalk for another peek at what is blooming in the bog. The boards move a bit as you walk. You hear squish and gurgle with each new step. Where the boards have sunk into the peat you might even get your feet wet.
Stay on the path or you could sink out of sight.
Bunchberry, part of the Dogwood Family
also known as Ground Dogberry.

Sheep Laurel: poisonous to live stock.
I couldn't figure out what these tiny blooms were.
At first I didn't even see them.
It was a warm and muggy day. Sparrows and chickadees where singing in the trees. I was startled twice by frogs and birds when I disturbed their quite spot. A great lunch time trot.


  1. Wow, you found some beautiful wildflowers!!
    Thanks for taking us along:)

  2. I do like that Bunchberry, with the sunlight on it; and the Sheep Laurel is a beauty.

  3. Don't disappear in that bog, Andrea! Looks as though it's a peaceful place. Your wildflower photos are lovely.


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