Tuesday, April 28

Marsh Marigolds blooming in bog

Last time I was at the bog they were just leaves sticking out of the water. They are all through the shallow part of the bog. They belong to the buttercup family and some refer to them as Kingcup, I like the sound of that.

Monday, April 27

Friday, April 24

Not a cloud in the sky...

and I think I'm feeling alright!

check out all the sky watchers

Thursday, April 23

Yard walk-about at the old place.

Daffodils waiting to a warmer day.
Sedum aka: Hens & Chickens
A volunteer Primrose from last year.
I haven't had a chance yet to go out and spruce up the yard but things are still determined to come up even if I didn't get out to check on them. The lawn is just starting to green-up and with the rain we've had it is sure to just shoot up when the sun comes out.

Tuesday, April 21

They are popping up everywhere!

The fun part about moving in to a new property is that you don't know what little surprises might pop up.

Thursday, April 16

Our Phoebe has returned

I heard the phoebe this early this week. Up in the Maple tree I saw it perched dipping it's tail . This week I welcome the sound, next week I'll have had enough. Non-Stop "fee-bee, fee-b-be-bee; fee-bee, fee-b-be-bee; fee-bee, fee-b-be-bee".
I didn't hear the Phoebe this morning as I fed the chickens and thought it was weird. Soon I found out why. It had gotten it's self into the shed and couldn't figure out how to get out and was banging against the windows trying to escape. I opened the large shed doors and slowly moved toward the phoebe. It saw the new opening and quickly flitted out and up into the Maple tree.

Click this link to see and hear the phoebe:

Wednesday, April 15

Bog Trot


Pond to bog in 10,000 years.
Depth of bog 20 feet.
Bog Rosemary in the foreground, Red pitcher plants in the middle of photo, those dead looking trees are actually tamarack trees that drop their soft needles in the fall and the black spruce in the back are perhaps 60 years old.
I should have remembered my boots.
Some boards are a little under the water.
I'll have to visit the quaking bog another time.

Tuesday, April 14

Blue Surprise

“May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.” Irish Blessing

Saturday, April 11

Dreams of sleeping in.

Saturday morning I won't have to get up at the crack of dawn. I'm aiming for 8:30 - 9:00am. Ever morning the cats come in just before the alarm goes off and start talking and walking on me and wrestling with each other. It's just not fair that they get to sleep whenever they like.

Thursday, April 9

A touch of color!

My daughter likes color.
Garden Room Green and Embellished Blue.
Restoring the trim is next.
I wonder what color that will be...I hoping for white!

Tuesday, April 7

In coming mail

Don't you just love the back.

Monday, April 6

I just had to!

I just had to take a moment to catch my breath.
It felt so good to lay on the ground, warm from the sun and just a bit damp. A slight breeze made the blossoms dance about and the earth smelled so wonderful.
MellowYellowBadgeHas more yellow shots!

Sunday, April 5

The Middle Room is getting closer

Mudding, sanding, sealer/primer, sanding, sealer/primer, ceiling white, weathered sandstone for the walls......let me catch my breath, eat, sleep, repeat in next room. Renovation bliss.
We are reusing the original baseboard, the window and door trim. It is sturdy yellow pine that seems to clean-up well. And well, it seemed like the Eco-friendly thing to do. Now to set the nails, apply putty, sand, prime and paint. Then the guys will finish wiring the outlets and fix the flooring where we took the closet out. REPEAT on 4 more rooms!

Friday, April 3

Wednesday, April 1

Mudding (inside)

I really wish I was outside enjoying the mud but this needs to get done.
This is my first time applying drywall compound.
It doesn't seem too hard but it takes time and patience.
Oh, and loud music, really loud music!
Poor neighbors...but no complaints.
First layer done and now to sand, wet sand and apply layer 2.