Wednesday, April 1

Mudding (inside)

I really wish I was outside enjoying the mud but this needs to get done.
This is my first time applying drywall compound.
It doesn't seem too hard but it takes time and patience.
Oh, and loud music, really loud music!
Poor neighbors...but no complaints.
First layer done and now to sand, wet sand and apply layer 2.


  1. Oh are awesome. I am so UN-talented with stuff like this, that my husband won't even let me try! I don't push the issue too much, cuz there are things I'd rather be doing. Good luck with all of your house projects!!

  2. Well I have the opposite problem. My husband tries to mud but Bless him for trying, he hates it and it doesn't come out as tidy as I would like. So, I Volunteered to give it a go.

  3. Bravo for you...hope you're having a little bit of fun too with that loud music blasting:)

  4. I am terrible at things like this so I have a lot of respect for you!!

  5. Hi Andrea:
    Thanks for stopping by. I could probably help you do all that mudding cuz I LOVE to get dirty:)


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