Monday, April 6

I just had to!

I just had to take a moment to catch my breath.
It felt so good to lay on the ground, warm from the sun and just a bit damp. A slight breeze made the blossoms dance about and the earth smelled so wonderful.
MellowYellowBadgeHas more yellow shots!


  1. Great shots! And beautiful flowers...are these up in New England already...

  2. I think you definitely deserved a break with all the hard work you've been doing. Beautiful flowers!!

  3. Are those called crocus flowers? The photos are beautiful, especially the second one. Thanks for sharing them. Ciao

  4. Oh, I'm so jealous. It'll still be a few weeks up here before we see the first of spring. -Sandy

  5. Oh, oh, oh! Yes...Spring! These are gorgeous photos :)

  6. Alas, no flowers here yet ... it's snowing tonight :(

    I played too :)


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