Thursday, April 16

Our Phoebe has returned

I heard the phoebe this early this week. Up in the Maple tree I saw it perched dipping it's tail . This week I welcome the sound, next week I'll have had enough. Non-Stop "fee-bee, fee-b-be-bee; fee-bee, fee-b-be-bee; fee-bee, fee-b-be-bee".
I didn't hear the Phoebe this morning as I fed the chickens and thought it was weird. Soon I found out why. It had gotten it's self into the shed and couldn't figure out how to get out and was banging against the windows trying to escape. I opened the large shed doors and slowly moved toward the phoebe. It saw the new opening and quickly flitted out and up into the Maple tree.

Click this link to see and hear the phoebe:

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