Tuesday, February 23

Silk Farm walk about

I took a hike at our local Audubon Center on Saturday.
I just needed to get out and enjoy the sun.
Waiting for it's summer resident blue birds to return.
The sun was warm on my back and the shadows stretched out across the field
as it moved lower in the sky.
At the bottom of this large white pine were the remains of some squirrel's lunch. I wonder just how many pine cones there were when he started?
It may be hard to see unless you click on the picture for a larger view; this maple leaf is frozen in the ice. There was a unique ice dam where the ground water had frozen and thawed and made a wonderful icy cascade as it was trying to reach Turkey pond.

Monday, February 15

Home Work

It's president's Day and I'm home working for my husband.
It's always nice to have help with those large spreadsheets.

With 4 cats you can count on them showing up to "help" steal paper clips, test the refreshments and lay on the papers your reading. I think Buddy is ready to go to the next appointment.

Friday, February 12

Lumbering along to work.

My commute to and from is a bit longer than it used to be but the time goes by quickly enough. I'm traveling in the opposite direction of most, out of the city. It's highway driving and the NHDOT does a great job keeping the roads clear of snow and ice. This winter we have gotten off easy without much of the white stuff. Bad for the ski areas but easier on those who shovel it. February is half over and already it seems like spring is not so far away. I was excited last night to walk out to my car in the day light. The days are stretching out and what a difference just a few extra minutes of day light can make to one's spirit.

Friday, February 5

Sailing on a winter's morning

The morning sun was shining on it and had to stop.
I pulled into a field across the road where they have been logging. A thought ran through my mind "will I be able to back out of here?" I pulled in. This fence post was handy by to rest my little camera on.
My camera is one of those small, fit in my purse types with an auto-focus (ick!) but it's what I have so lots of blurry shots get tossed and a few make it here to show and tell. We have an old fashioned 35mm camera with a good telephoto lens but waiting for the development and lugging a heavy camera is too frustrating....more than having some blurred shots.

Monday, February 1

More unique roof art.

You should be able to get a pretty good look at this rowboat if you click on the photo.
Some folks are really into picking out the right weather vane.
There is one I pass that is a monkey...I wonder what the story is behind that one?