Friday, February 5

Sailing on a winter's morning

The morning sun was shining on it and had to stop.
I pulled into a field across the road where they have been logging. A thought ran through my mind "will I be able to back out of here?" I pulled in. This fence post was handy by to rest my little camera on.
My camera is one of those small, fit in my purse types with an auto-focus (ick!) but it's what I have so lots of blurry shots get tossed and a few make it here to show and tell. We have an old fashioned 35mm camera with a good telephoto lens but waiting for the development and lugging a heavy camera is too frustrating....more than having some blurred shots.

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  1. Hi Andrea, Even though I like to shoot with my digital SLR, it is heavy to carry if I'm hiking long distances. I often opt to take my small camera, though it also has programed and manual focus options. Sometimes, "auto" is just easier, though! I think you really need a weather vane!


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