Friday, February 12

Lumbering along to work.

My commute to and from is a bit longer than it used to be but the time goes by quickly enough. I'm traveling in the opposite direction of most, out of the city. It's highway driving and the NHDOT does a great job keeping the roads clear of snow and ice. This winter we have gotten off easy without much of the white stuff. Bad for the ski areas but easier on those who shovel it. February is half over and already it seems like spring is not so far away. I was excited last night to walk out to my car in the day light. The days are stretching out and what a difference just a few extra minutes of day light can make to one's spirit.

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  1. Hi Andrea, I love everything about your new header - the blue light, the shadows, the texture of the needles, the clarity. I like the fact that days are lengthening, too. It looks as though your loggers are hard at work!


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