Tuesday, September 29

Kitty jungle gym

Stella and Orion love to climb everything.
Stella trying to get that tail. But it always moves.
Kitty attitude!!!

Monday, September 28

Today IS a gift...enjoy every moment.

Yesterday is history.............
Tomorrow a mystery.........
Today Is a gift.........
That's why it's called ..............The Present

Friday, September 25

Thursday, September 24

Back Road Turkey Trott

A delightful country drive.
Locals out for a stroll.
Small traces left behind.

Friday, September 18

Pretty in Pink

This morning started brisk but sunny. A delight. Stopping at the bank I noticed their flower beds were still beautiful and bright.

Pink perfection!

Thursday, September 17

In a funk....

This is it. This is all I took a picture of.
Nothing is grabbing my attention.
And I am refusing to submit to taking pictures of colored leaves.
Did summer cheat us of a month or two this year?
I just need a couple more warm days.
This week has been cool and partly cloudy.
Hopefully I'll SNAP OUT OF IT !

Tuesday, September 15

Monday, September 14

Got laundry?

Jack likes laundry. Dirty or Clean.
I've even seen him lay on wet clothes.

Thursday, September 10

Sky Watch Friday: Storms a brew'n

Heading north toward home the light was
a fantastic warm golden yellow color.

The clouds let down their tears and it was pouring.
I got off the highway and took the slow route home.
The Sun broke through and I noticed folks looking...of course!
I put my back to the sun and there it was.
That wonderful, joyful prism of color.

Tuesday, September 8

And this is one reason we send them off to college:

Things i have learned in my first few days of college:

1. always leave towel in plain sight, so as to not forget it in the room when taking a shower... =(

2. roomates will go to crazy parties and get home at 4 in the morning and wake you up and then sleep in really late making it so you have to stay quiet.

3. being quiet gets you no where. the louder you are (when ur not with your roomate and they are sleeping) the more you will get noticed and the more friends you will most likely get.

4. im eligable for work study and would like to work at the animal shelter!!

5. The basement (where i was supposed to be in the first place) is the best floor. the nicest, kindest, most talkative, and willing to include you in anything they do.
IIl be spending most of my time down there with a girl named nicole who has quickly became a friend and has done everything with me thus far. including a 12 o'clock pizza party including all the "weirdos" (as nicole calls them) who would rather watch the funny movie role models than hang with the kids who were drunk and puking all over the place

7. girls who dress slutty are slutty and best to be avoided.