Friday, November 20

Tuesday, November 17

Fall Bog Trot

A warm November lunch break took me to the bog.
This pitcher plant is filled with water and nutrients it caught.
Another hiding in the grasses.
Lichen grows in abundance on the tree branches.

Monday, November 16

Papering the sewing room

I finished this weekend. I haven't papered since my 22 year old was born. I really enjoyed it. Challenging like a puzzle but not so difficult you throw the wet soggy paper on the ground.

The pattern reminds me of peonies. It looks antique and gives the room a warm, calm feel.

Saturday, November 7

Watching Sammy Squirrel from the window.

Oh, don't mind the mess. Things are coming together.

Friday, November 6

A little Color

Bittersweet: maybe because it is pretty but also invasive.

Monday, November 2

So we've moved......

Well it took a full week to move and clean the country house.
We've got the computers hooked up and running but has anyone seen the cable for my camera?