Friday, July 24

Tiger Eye : She's a beauty.

One of our latest additions.
We're in the process of digging a new garden bed for the lilies.

Thursday, July 23

Art of the Garden

These are semi-bush cucs.
I planted them in year old composted chicken poo.
They should do well.
They are just starting to set-on fruit.
Lil bit of nature's art.
When you click on the one below you'll get to see the morning dew too.

Just threw this one in because I liked it.

Wednesday, July 22

Wordless Wednesday : Got Milk?

I just couldn't stop laughing when I can upon this truck.

My favorite milk in the world!

Monday, July 20

Garden glamore?

Thanks Lisa! Click the button above for more Macro Monday.
Dressed up for the sun.

Cabbage and kale grown mostly for decoration and chicken food.

Friday, July 17

Mount Kearsarge (click the photo to really see her)
I work North of the mountain.
I live South of the mountain.
Weather between the 2 places can be very different.

Thursday, July 16

Quite Morning Moments

There is something special about being in the garden in the morning alone. I try to take it all in and preserve the memory. The sun is coming up, the breeze is blowing gently and the birds are twittering and flying about. The smell of the warm earth is like none other.

Wednesday, July 15

Daisy Crazy

Gloriosa Daisies

Shasta Daisies
A quiet morning walk about the garden.

Monday, July 13

Out and about in NH

Tamarack with cones
Garden Whimsy
Ford panel van.

Friday, July 10

Tile Inspector

Floor tile is done.
Yes, Orion the grout is gray.
Next up: bead board and moulding for the walls.

Wednesday, July 8

Bath renewal & a little kitty action.

We laid out the marble tiles in the living room 1st.

1 day to cut and lay the tiles.
1 day to grout, clean and install fixtures.
I know. A window in the shower?
The opening was there and we hated the idea of giving up the daylight.
The window is vinyl and the trim is PVC.

Whirling dervishes.
When they aren't climbing up your jeans while your tiling or painting they are tumbling around having great fun.

There is a setting on the camera for capturing motion I just haven't taken time to investigate.

Tuesday, July 7

Road Trip to Hancock NH

At Davis Brook Farm : Acres of Day Lilies
Our second trip there and we took my mom along this time.

This variety is Blonde is Beautiful, my husband's baby.
We bought her 2 years ago and it's so impressive.

We ended up purchasing 9 more varieties.
2 whites, 1 raspberry, 1 called Matt, 1 green eyes open, 2 mysteries.

This is a huge wrecking ball at another garden center. She has flowers and he loves to weld and has made a huge castle and all sorts of interesting "toys".

Monday, July 6

Introducing the City Kitties....Stella & Orion

Our daughter rescued these precious little guys when she heard a family was going to abandon them due to hard-times.
Our count is now 5 cats. 3 country cats and 2 city kitties.



Oh and look at the wonderful sun shining in through the windows. Yeah! We had wonderful weather for the holiday.

Wednesday, July 1

Rain Drops on lily leaves

Rain Drops on lily leaves, originally uploaded by addvt2nh.

Twenty Days with rain and very little sun.
The up shot is that it isn't snow.