Wednesday, July 8

Bath renewal & a little kitty action.

We laid out the marble tiles in the living room 1st.

1 day to cut and lay the tiles.
1 day to grout, clean and install fixtures.
I know. A window in the shower?
The opening was there and we hated the idea of giving up the daylight.
The window is vinyl and the trim is PVC.

Whirling dervishes.
When they aren't climbing up your jeans while your tiling or painting they are tumbling around having great fun.

There is a setting on the camera for capturing motion I just haven't taken time to investigate.


  1. Trust the kittens to lay in the sun on the tiles. lol
    I like the window too. You can't beat natural light.

  2. You are doing such beautiful work. I love the marble tiles in the shower and I love the window too! And those cats must be so fun:)

  3. I see the Kitties are supervising your work when they aren't too busy with their own important pursuits. I like the marble.


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