Tuesday, April 1


Snow drops remind be of my Grandmother and my Father.
My favorite early spring bloom.
I think it actually made it to 60 degrees today.
Yesterday and the previous days have still been in the 30's.

South Carolina Women's basketball team made it to the 
elite eight then got knocked out by North Carolina.
I Think Cocky is protesting.

Friday, January 10

Happy Anniversary Socks!

Socks has been with us for a year now.
He arrived before Christmas last year.
I think he is glad he doesn't have to live outside anymore.
With the temperatures in the single digits we've all been sitting close to the fire.

Wednesday, October 16

How do you get around town?

These are the different modes of transportation I have the pick from to get me to work 1 1/2 miles from home. 

Wednesday, September 18

Wander about New Hampshire

Rindge NH

Bell Tower at the Cathedral in the pines Women's memorial
devoted to American Women’s service and sacrifice.

West Franklin NH

Fall is beginning with cooler temperatures and shorter days.
The night air is cooling to near 32 degrees.
Time to prepare the gardens for their winter nap.

Tuesday, August 20

Summer's Bounty

The front yard garden....less mow, more grow!
I plan to expand in order to keep up with my husband's love to give produce away.


I decided to plant some zinnias and cosmos seeds
that were about 5 years old.
They are putting on quite a show!

Our neighbor shared peaches from his trees.
I had such a great time peeling them using a hot water bath.
Then I made a giant pie.

Wednesday, August 14

Day trip to Brattleboro Vermont

It was our 27th Wedding Anniversary.
We stayed in one of the charming Carriage House rooms.

Thursday, May 9

Delivery : Sheet Rock

The order of sheet rock arrives at the rental project.

Off loaded through the windows.

Wednesday, April 10

Geese enjoy the warmer weather.

Female on left, busy eating.

The Male is ever vigilant, on guard at all times.