Tuesday, July 7

Road Trip to Hancock NH

At Davis Brook Farm : Acres of Day Lilies
Our second trip there and we took my mom along this time.

This variety is Blonde is Beautiful, my husband's baby.
We bought her 2 years ago and it's so impressive.

We ended up purchasing 9 more varieties.
2 whites, 1 raspberry, 1 called Matt, 1 green eyes open, 2 mysteries.

This is a huge wrecking ball at another garden center. She has flowers and he loves to weld and has made a huge castle and all sorts of interesting "toys".


  1. What a stunning bloom with those water droplets Andrea. Pretty big too.

  2. Very unusual combination of interests!

  3. Andrea, These photos of the Lilies are lovely - they look so big! I don't have much luck with Day Lilies here in the mountains. I'll just have to enjoy pictures of yours. How are the Kitties?


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