Sunday, April 25

Cats like to hang out too......on the porch!

Welcome to the porch!
We've made the decision to have in-door cats.
There is just too much traffic.

Orion and Stella watch the squirrels race around the yard.
Buddy has his spot too!

The squirrels love to take peanuts from the pitcher. I just couldn't part with the pitcher after I broke the bottom out of it. I seems to keep the peanuts well.

Is he dancing for the cats?

A Male & Female cardinal visit the feeding station.
She is in the shade by the blue pitcher.


  1. Andrea, I really enjoyed these photos - obviously, the kitties don't need TV! That last shot is so pretty with the varying colors of the birds and the pitcher.

  2. Love the shots of the cats chilling out. A great life.

  3. My cats love sunny windows and watching the birds too. Had to laugh at the photo of Buddy. It could have a caption "does this stool make my butt look fat?"


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