Friday, April 23

I like to hang out......I'm talking laundry

Growing up my mom hung out our laundry and I remember helping take it down and folding the items into her large split wood basket. I love to hang out my laundry when the weather is good.

  • Clothes smell wonderfully fresh .
  • The sun brightens and bleaches whites.
  • I like my towels course and a bit scratchy. (some don't)
  • It's therapeutic.
  • It's fun.
  • It's FREE!

  • Sometimes it is hard to tell what the weather will be like at the other end of the day. I got home just in time to take in the laundry before the showers arrived.


    1. I absolutely loved when my Mom did the laundry and put the fresh smelling line-dried sheets on my bed. It was like sleeping outdoors in a field. Thanks for the memory, Andrea!

    2. I have a clothes drying rack that I use for those iffy days that I am not sure if I will make it home before the rain. I have a screened in back porch which keeps off the rain but lets the breezes blow through.


    Glad you could stop by.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.