Thursday, September 10

Sky Watch Friday: Storms a brew'n

Heading north toward home the light was
a fantastic warm golden yellow color.

The clouds let down their tears and it was pouring.
I got off the highway and took the slow route home.
The Sun broke through and I noticed folks looking...of course!
I put my back to the sun and there it was.
That wonderful, joyful prism of color.


  1. Love that first shot Andrea.
    It's like driving down a tunnel, to a pot of gold.

  2. Yes, looks like you are in for some bad weather today. Stay safe!

  3. oh my that first shot is beautiful! I love the rainbow too!

  4. What a nice contrast these two shots reveal: dark, brooding skies and and then a pastel colored sky graced with a lovely rainbow!

  5. How grand--a rainbow. Lovely. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Lucky you! Both these captures are stunning, Andrea. Your skies are gorgeous.

  7. Go towards the light and then follow the rainbow...Could be a scene from some strange movie! ;-)

    Great captures!

    Terrence looks at the sky

  8. I love the rainbow shot, very pretty. The little frog is cute too.

  9. Both photos are wonderful! That first one is so dramatic - love the perspective on this!


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