Monday, February 15

Home Work

It's president's Day and I'm home working for my husband.
It's always nice to have help with those large spreadsheets.

With 4 cats you can count on them showing up to "help" steal paper clips, test the refreshments and lay on the papers your reading. I think Buddy is ready to go to the next appointment.


  1. Love these Andrea. Cats doing what cats do best; having fun and being curious.
    Buddy looks exhausted by it all lol

  2. Hi Andrea, Glad you have so much "help" - they are at least a great diversion. Buddy looks huge!

  3. These made me laugh! I love your kitty work mates! I would just hide my drinks! LOL!

  4. Hi Andrea, loved your photos. My Toby is a paper shredder, anything from important mail to toilet paper and cardboard boxes.

    Looked at your older post and saw the photos of 'your' possum. There must be a possum explosion, I've seen so many on blogs lately:)


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