Thursday, June 11

Flowers have meaning...more than just pretty?

Pansy: you occupy my thoughts

Strawberry: perfect goodness

Rhododendron: beware


  1. I knew about the various colours of Roses having different meanings Andrea, but not different flowers.
    Interesting. Thank you. :)

  2. Hmmm - why do you think "Rhododendron beware?" I planted Pansies this morning (before the rain came) and thought of my Mother. She loved their pretty faces.

  3. They are all beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful day:)

  4. I'm glad you posted the meeanings of these - all these flower photos were beautiful!!

  5. ...I like learning the meanings as well. Beautiful photos too... I have the same question as Barb. How did Rhododendron get it's name...beware is so scary and the flower is so pretty!


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