Friday, June 5

Spring planting Skywatch

Agriculture is a part of me. I just couldn't drive by this field of
newly sprouted cow corn without taking a picture.
It just really excites me.
It reminds me of the fun I had growing up on the farm.
Promises of warm days.
The miracle of seed to plant to harvest in 4 short months.


  1. It is nice to watch things grow and to harvest when they are ready. Tonight I dug three potatos and two onions for dinner. They would have grown more if I had left them in the ground but I couldn't wait any longe.

  2. That is a very nice quality to have imbedded in your soul. You are a very lucky girl:)

  3. beautiful landscape. the soil almost looks like a deep purple in the top pic. Love your sky too!

  4. I used to live in the country a good few years ago, working for a farmer, as his gardener.
    My garden was surrounded on two sides by one of his corn fields, and it was fascinating to watch as the land changed through the year.
    Not one of my better moves in life, when I left.

  5. Beautiful! =)

    Spring is such a wonderful time of the year...

  6. A truly different skywatch. I really like your view!

  7. Hi Andrea,
    Just catching up with you after a week of Grandkids and Gardening - I didn't plant any corn,though! (I did buy some fresh at the market - yum, yum.)


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