Monday, October 20

Farm Field

Farm Field Foliage, originally uploaded by addvt2nh.

One of my favorite roads home through hills and valleys and past this lovely farm. None of the black Angus cows were near the road but the fall colors were there. I love this time of year. Brisk air and warm sun on your back, great for being outside.


  1. I can't believe the beautiful colors in this photo! I have never lived anywhere that went through the seasons changing. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. It is fading fast now. Rain tonight will bring lots of the leaves down.
    Then it will be time to rake!

  3. Wow, that's breathtaking scenery. Would love to take a walk down that road myself!

  4. Talk about eye candy! Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving us a comment. --Curmudgeon


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