Tuesday, March 10

First flowers : Snowdrops

Pushing up through the cold earth and many times through snow these delicate little flowers give us hope that spring is not too far away.

My father dug up the 1st clump of bulbs and brought them home to his mother. He described to her how he had seen them coming up through the snow. She planted them on a bank near the farm-house and now they cover the bank.

I have dug up clumps and planted them at the different places I've lived and they are such a pleasure to see each spring. These get a jump start because they are planted near the foundation with a southern exposure. Others will not come up for weeks as they are still under 3 feet of snow.


  1. I'm sure that it is very exciting, when you live in a place that snows so much, to see the first flowers. You'll have to keep us updated on how they look after they've bloomed.

  2. A whole bank full of them. Thats something!
    Nothing like the first flowers of spring to get one in the proper mood.

  3. Oh, I can't wait! Went to buy seeds today. Last year they were all gone by the time I got to thinking about gardening. Didn't have much time last year anyway, but this year.... -Sandy


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