Saturday, December 12

Waiting for Father Christmas

Thank goodness for artificial trees!
With 2 teenage kittens climbing this baby there is no decorating.
The Angel on top has lost her wings and the bows find their way to the floor on a regular bases.

Buddy however is just too big to climb up the tree.
At 2 years old & 13.5 pounds he just watches from the floor.


  1. I love this furry decoration! I'm sure they are keeping it lively for you!

  2. That first shot made me laugh Andrea. He looks so comfy and innocent lying there.
    Buddy has a look that says, 'show off'
    Lovely pictures.

  3. How funny, Andrea! It's like having little kids around...
    Those wood floors look fabulous in tree light!

    I like your new Header.

  4. Andrea, I just love the new header picture. You always have such great photos. And the cat in the tree is just hilarious!


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