Friday, March 26

It's been a while, I know. Spring teased us with some nice warm weather in early March but has gone back to what we should expect. We have seen rain and sleet and flooding rivers. It's been cold and gray. Nothing seemed to charm me out to take pictures.
Out my window at work I see the ski trails on Mount Sunapee in the distance. Taunting me all winter to get out and enjoy the snow. I missed skiing this winter. For me the ski conditions have to be stellar. And this year we had a lot less snow and more "boiler plate" aka: ice.
(click on the photo to see the geese.)

I've tried to be patient. It's just so hard!
So I tried something new to distract me.
Having been inspired by my latest read Banana Heart Summer; the author is constantly describing food from her naive Philippines and the hunger of those without, I have been dabbling in cooking. Recipes, cookbooks and websites & magazines about food can get me excited.
I've always liked to bake. Bread, pie, cake, cookies, etc. But meals have always been a struggle for me. I've always said I hate to cook but I think I've found that I just don't like to coordinate a meal. I'm certain the neighbors could hear me cursing over the baked chops, rice and steamed veggies I attempted to make Tuesday. Nothing seemed to come out right, but they ate it.
Last night was different. I had fun making beef burgundy with bacon & onion dumplings. The day before it was chicken & broccoli Alfredo over penne and last Saturday chicken enchiladas. I guess I'm a one-pot cook. It's tax season and I'm trying to pick up the slack in the kitchen while my accountant husband works 16 hour days helping people with their taxes. He likes to cook and always makes it look so easy.
I'm trying my best to have fun while I experiment.


  1. Andrea, your recipes sound just delicious! I really don't like to cook much either - my Husband and I do simple meals with a protein source (mostly fish or poultry) and a salad. Tonight my Grands are here in the mountains with me, so I made turkey and bison meatballs, and we'll have spaghetti with a salad. Your photos are lovely - I like seeing the ski trails and the geese in that blue sky. I also like the spring cleaning you gave the Blog!

  2. And now I feel hungry lol
    Beef burgundy with bacon & onion dumplings. Mmmmm, sounds delicious.

  3. Your meals sound yummy. I'm not crazy about cooking. Too many other things to do with the time. I did taste a wonderful Mexican dish the other day I'm anxious to try.


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