Friday, July 9

How the garden grew!

New Tomato patch in the front yard.
Cucs and Zucs with herbs and flowers.

With warm weather and humidity and a little water sprinkled in, the plants grew quick!


  1. Everything looks very healthy Andrea.
    Looks like you'll have a good crop of tomatoes.

  2. Is that Bell Flower and Nasturtium? Your garden looks lush, Andrea - wish I had some of your homegrown cuks and tomatoes here in CO! Everything looks so tidy.

  3. Your gardens look great! Mine are still looking pretty good but we could really use more rain and less heat.

  4. Monica Small7/23/10, 6:57 PM

    I planted my first raised bed garden this year. Yours looks better than mine. Maybe because I'm further north in Maine? I'll have tomoatoes and cukes soon tho... can't wait!

  5. yeah!it's awesome.i like it.. Turf varieties


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