Wednesday, October 20

Just in time

I went out with my camera to "catch" some garden photos.
Because I knew Frost would pay a visit real soon.

This past weekend was a perfect cool 45 degrees to work in the garden.
I pulled up some lily-of-the-valley that was unchecked for way too many years and cut back the peonies and hosta. But I couldn't stand to cut down the Marigolds that had provided color after everything else had stopped.

The Elephant ear is a tropical plant. Frost came and kissed her last night.
I'll cut down her large trunk that has doubled in size and is as large as my thigh. I'll uproot her gently and shake off the dirt from her roots and place her in a box. The box will be put in the root-cellar where its dark and cool. This is our second year with this plant and she had babies about 5 new shoots.

Everyone who comes in the driveway always asks about it.
Next spring we will try again to see if she'll grace the corner of the house.

It was 28 last night and most of the plants got some frost bite.
I'm hoping a few of the hardier ones are still good to harvest.


  1. Wow, that Elephants Ear is a stunning plant.

    Had a frost here last night. The first of many I expect ;)

  2. That elephant is something. I've thought about trying it but was sure I couldn't keep it from year to year. Now I'm not so sure I couldn't. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Andrea, Your Header is stunning! Your temps are falling fast. It has been snowing in Breck.


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