Monday, January 10

The day Stella was up a tree!

This is Stella.
One day Stella got scared and raced up a tree.
Up and up Stella went.
But couldn't figure out how to get down.
For hours we tried everything.
But Stella just looked down at us and meowed.
Even going higher in the tree.
Our ladder was way too short.
Yes, we called the central fire house on Sunday afternoon for guidance.
Their truck just barely fit down our little driveway.

The ladder truck is a BIG Truck!
Up they went, slowly to avoid the tree branches.

Stella was afraid of the big truck and those guys with
the funny hats and coats in that bucket.
SO, Stella was motivated to come down to our ladder where
I was waiting and carried the poor thing down.


  1. I hope Stella doesn't do that again! lol

    What a great bunch the fire service were, for coming to the rescue too.

  2. Oh - how funny. I just knew after you called the fire department, Stella was going to climb down herself!

  3. Ahhhhh...poor Stella!! She must have been so scared. I didn't know the fire dept. really came out to rescue kitties. That's so cool!!!


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