Wednesday, June 29

A meadow walk .....observations

I took a mid-day walk in the local park near work.
It is an old pasture with lots of wildflowers.
The earth and plants heated by the sun produced a wonderful fragrance
as I walk up the hill toward the inviting shade of the woods.
Indian Paintbrushes we called these as kids.

Wild Sweet Pea, a new one for me.

Blue Vetch, beautiful in the wild with these milk weed plants
and briars but you never want it in your garden!

Pink Mountain Laurel

Red clover

Coming back to the office after my traipse I find this fellow
sunning on the walkway.

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  1. Great photos, Andrea. I have the wild pea in my perennial garden (uninvited) and can't evict it! Our Indian Paintbrush wildflowers don't look anything like yours. Have a great 4th weekend.


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