Tuesday, September 6

Garden Harvest

I easily pick 3 to 5 every day.
I've given them to relatives, neighbors and co-workers.
I've made salads and salads and salads.
What else you wonder could you do with cucumbers?
Soup, yup done that.
I've pureed them and made cucumber cubes to toss in soup this winter.
My favorite is Cucumber limeade.
Puree a couple of peeled, seeded cucumbers, add 1 1/2 cups cold water, juice from one lime, 1/2 cup sugar (I used maple syrup) and 1/2 tsp of kosher salt and crushed ice. Very refreshing.
I planted herbs in and around the veggies and flowers.

This year I planted scarlet runner pole beans.
Very pretty red blossom and huge beans I believe I leave on to dry.


  1. Great photos and I LOVE Cukes! Too bad I don't live closer.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the recipe. I'll have to try it.

  3. Wish I had some of those cukes and the tomatoes! We had snow yesterday in the Mts of CO.

  4. Andrea, Your Header with those amazing colors is breathtaking! Hope your weekend is great.


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