Friday, June 27

Hiding Place

Just beyond the ferns is a secret swing. A place my kids like to go to get away and be in a wooded sanctuary. Some days are better than others. I often wish I could "transport" myself to another dimension. Leave the confusion and clutter of my mind behind. But alas, the closest I usually get is piling brush on the back property line where it is hard to find me.

Iris Bloom

This is the first time that this Iris has shown its color. I had no idea, such a fascinating color.

Thursday, June 26

Where the wild ferns grow!

It always amazes me how resilient nature is. A couple of months ago these plants were under more that 100 inches of snow. We thought that spring then summer would never come. But it did of course. Nature is also patient. I tend not to be be. I need to practice resilience and patience in my everyday life. Relax, go with the flow, wait for it to happen. We try too hard to rush the things we want so much. Sometimes it is better to see what is meant for us.

Wednesday, June 25

Bluets : Houstonia caerulea

Rocky pastures are the best areas to locate Bluets.

Large patches can be found where grasses are kept

short and the soil is dry and sandy.

Today I saw them in our lawn.

As a little girl I remember picking hats full

of these with my cousin Jennifer. In the

sugar house pasture there would be

millions of them. They smell fresh & sweet.