Monday, March 30


This is 10am on the Contoocook river. The water is high and there is bird activity. I could hear the geese flying overhead but couldn't really see them. I was very surprised I caught one in the picture.
I accidentally flushed out two ducks that were in the shallows.
A Great Blue Heron lazily flapped through and into the swamp.
Just a few small chunks of ice float past.

Thursday, March 26

Under construction!

Its been a busy week at the new house. DIY: Walls down, insulation in, wiring in progress, sheet-rocking, etc, etc.

Sunday, March 22

Wednesday, March 18

Sugar N Time

The college on main street has this huge green with all these huge sugar maples lining the road.
They've been tapped.
Today was a good day for the sap to run.
Cold at night (frost on the windshield) and warmer during the day (30-40 degrees).
Drip, Drip, Drip in the bucket.
Sweet maple water ready to be boiled down into syrup.

Thursday, March 12

X marks the spot

It was a really neat thing to see this fog just hovering over the iced over lake. You'll be able to see the snow tipped trees when you click on the images.
Skywatch Friday:

Wednesday, March 11

Rafts parked on the frozen lake.

Fresh snow had fallen during the night,
fog floated above the lake's surface.

Tuesday, March 10

First flowers : Snowdrops

Pushing up through the cold earth and many times through snow these delicate little flowers give us hope that spring is not too far away.

My father dug up the 1st clump of bulbs and brought them home to his mother. He described to her how he had seen them coming up through the snow. She planted them on a bank near the farm-house and now they cover the bank.

I have dug up clumps and planted them at the different places I've lived and they are such a pleasure to see each spring. These get a jump start because they are planted near the foundation with a southern exposure. Others will not come up for weeks as they are still under 3 feet of snow.

Monday, March 9

Jack's path to the brook.

Jack is out everyday and the first stop is always the brook for a very cold drink. Jack is 13 years old and we decided he deserved a shoveled path so he wouldn't have to bunny hop through the snow for his daily drink.

Friday, March 6

I have proof!! Red Bellied visits again.

Now that I know this woodpecker is around I've noticed his call and quick hammer sounds when I'm out in the yard. So I waited and waited and finally with camera in hand and window cracked open I was successful in getting his picture.
He investigate the suet but seemed more interested in the bugs that may be in the tree. I'm still just thrilled to have a new bird in the neighborhood.

Thursday, March 5

Downy and Hairy

These two look similar but different sizes. The Downy on the left is smaller (5-7") and has a small thin beak. the Hairy is 7-10" and the bill is as long as his head. They were very busy at the feeders.