Wednesday, November 26

New to the Flock

I brought home a red hen to keep Blackie-girl company. She seems to be settling in and finding her place.

Tuesday, November 25

Jacki-Boy enjoying the late afternoon sun.

Jacki is such a sweetie. He was sitting pretty in the afternoon sun and I thought...great picture. Of course, as soon as I got within range he fell over. Natural cat reaction I suppose.

Monday, November 24


O Lord, that lends me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.
~ William Shakespeare

Thursday, November 20

All God's Children Need Travelin' Shoes.

Remembering Tom, a co-worker, who perished in an avalanche in Tuckerman's Ravine on Mount Washington, Thanksgiving 2002.

Mama always reminds me that we're only passin' through
The treasures of this world are not for us to hold on to
She says the way we're headed
Will take us where we're bound
And we can not lay are journey down

Because all god's children need travelin' shoes
To walk the road that's narrow but it's true
We can't stop here we're just passin' through
That's why all god's children need travelin' shoes

My bags are pack and waiting and I'm headed for the door
The train Is at the station , got my ticket and I'll board
The brakeman swings his lantern
Lit with never ending love
And mama I can't thank you near enough

Chorus repeats twice

We can't stop here we're just passin' through
That's why all god's children need travelin' shoes

Song : Sawyer Brown.

Tuesday, November 18

Apple Tree in Snow Fall

Apple Tree in Snow Fall, originally uploaded by addvt2nh. was snowing on my drive to work today. I had noticed this apple tree still loaded with apples and knew that I'd have to take a picture. I thought the snow could tell the story of how cold it was this morning.

Monday, November 17

The Last Pansy

Pansy - Burgundy, originally uploaded by addvt2nh.

I had a surprise when I went out to the garden. One last pansy! It was sheltered by the quince shrub and though it couldn't stand-up tall it gave one last colorful flower.

Monday, November 10

White Oak Leaves come tumbling down.

White Oak leaf on Moss, originally uploaded by addvt2nh.

With a little rain and wind all the oak leaves are finally on the ground. I have raked twice already and now the lawn is no longer green but brown with a super thick covering of leaves. I hope to get lucky enough to have a great big wind gust come up and move them for me. Wishful thinking! I really do love to rake.

Saturday, November 8


Moss covered Oak Trunk, originally uploaded by addvt2nh.

Feather Moss up close, originally uploaded by addvt2nh.

Mosses have no roots, but instead have a rhizome. They do not need a substrate to grow, but absorb water and nutrients from the atmosphere. The rhizome tends to be fuzzy, this helps the moss absorb water and nutrients.

Moss relies on living in dense, compact mats to obtain enough water and nutrients. Within the moss mat, particles from the environment mix with water and create soil.

Moss is adapted to drought conditions. During the summer, its metabolism can slow down to almost zero.

Moss does not only grow on the North side of a tree. Moss will grow wherever there is an adequate amount of moisture and sunlight.

This information found at

Friday, November 7

Acorn in the Brook

Acorn in the Brook, originally uploaded by addvt2nh.

This little nut got stuck between a rock and a hard place. The water is moving fairly quick but the acorn is snugly stuck.

Saturday, November 1

Wild Strawberry with a Light Frost

Frost has come to our region. Most annual plants have been killed by it. And most mornings we are now scraping it from our windshields. The temps go down just below freezing at night and most days are 40 to 60 degrees. The leaves are still falling and there remains a lot of raking to be done.