Tuesday, November 22

The Singing Tower at Bok Tower Gardens

Bok Tower Gardens National Historic Landmark in Lake Wales, Florida.
This garden located at 300 feet above sea level;
the recorded highest point in Florida .

The Singing Tower built in 1927-1929 houses the Carillon
made up of 60 bronze bells, weighing 16 lbs to 11+ tons.

The Carillon (60 bells) reside at the very top of the tower
behind these lovely tiled grilles.
Heron and Eagle sculptures were craved in place
at the top and base of the tower.
Edward Bok's study was at ground level complete with a large fireplace.
He is buried not far from the front entrance.

The tower was not in the original 250 acre garden plan
that surrounds the structure.
In all the natural beauty of the Gardens,
Bok believed something was missing.
Remembering the glorious sound of carillons in his native Netherlands,
he decided to build a beautiful Singing Tower
as the focal point of the Gardens.
Architect, Milton B Medary was commissioned to design and build
the majestic Singing Tower.

Tuesday, November 15

A Tropical place

The Camellia trees were just starting to bloom in Early November.

Spanish moss drapes and decorates nearly every tree.
We learned at the Orlando History Center that it was also
worn by the women of the Timucua Indian tribe.

The orange groves were just starting to ripen their fruit.
It was really something to see mile upon mile of orange trees heavy with fruit.

Monday, November 14

We flew to Florida just as 22 inches of snow arrived in NH.

An afternoon stop at Cocoa Beach.

We spent a relaxing week taking in the beautiful weather and tropical fauna.
Glad we weren't home in New Hampshire with heavy snow creating power outages.
We only lost three large oak limbs in our yard.