Wednesday, December 30

Fitting in...

Doesn't he look relaxed?
It's been 2 months since Buddy joined us.
His owner is 2 months into Marine Boot Camp, one more to go.

Tuesday, December 29

Saturday, December 12

Waiting for Father Christmas

Thank goodness for artificial trees!
With 2 teenage kittens climbing this baby there is no decorating.
The Angel on top has lost her wings and the bows find their way to the floor on a regular bases.

Buddy however is just too big to climb up the tree.
At 2 years old & 13.5 pounds he just watches from the floor.

Friday, December 11

Thursday, December 10

Just a few flowers from Key West

Falling flower.
No idea what they are. Aren't they beautiful!
Great eye-candy...
A little pick-me-up from a day filled with snow here in New Hampshire (8 inches).

Wednesday, December 2

Just a few days away can do wonders!

As we were nearing the end of the house move and closing I got this need to get-away.
At the last minute we decided to have Thanksgiving in Key West. I'd never been there and it was perfect. Yes, there was Turkey but we didn't have to cook it and it had a Cuban flair.
We stayed at Duval House. It was wonderful! Quiet, yet right in the middle of everything. We couldn't have asked for more on a spur of the moment vacation.

Tuesday, November 17

Fall Bog Trot

A warm November lunch break took me to the bog.
This pitcher plant is filled with water and nutrients it caught.
Another hiding in the grasses.
Lichen grows in abundance on the tree branches.

Monday, November 16

Papering the sewing room

I finished this weekend. I haven't papered since my 22 year old was born. I really enjoyed it. Challenging like a puzzle but not so difficult you throw the wet soggy paper on the ground.

The pattern reminds me of peonies. It looks antique and gives the room a warm, calm feel.

Friday, November 6

Monday, November 2

So we've moved......

Well it took a full week to move and clean the country house.
We've got the computers hooked up and running but has anyone seen the cable for my camera?

Wednesday, October 28

Skywatch : Passing storm

The wind was blowing, pushing the trees and grass about in their spots.

Sunday, October 18

Kitty approved flooring

Stella is sitting by the Front Door.
Orion basks in the afternoon sun in the living room.

Last weekend Stella went to the Vet for an unscheduled visit. Something was wrong you could tell. Poor thing just sat in one spot and wasn't interested in playing. Stella had a temperature of 104. 2 degrees above normal. Blood work was done to check for liver & kidney functions and white & red blood cell counts. Those were normal. The Vet guessed a virus. So home with Kitty Tylenol and antibiotics with close supervision. Stella is back to normal now!

Thursday, October 15

Flooring...getting closer to move in status

There are hardwood floors through-out the first floor.
We took on three of them last weekend.
Under the years of dirt and wear was gorgeous Maple flooring.
I'll try to remember to snap a shot of the finished floors.
Done 4 coats of clear polyurethane.
Carpeting for the upstairs Master Suite. Heather Gray.
Three week lead time for this and professionals will install.

Keep you fingers crossed, we have a P & S on the Country House.
Closing date is to be November 2nd.
Now waiting on the buyers bank.

Friday, October 9

Sugar Maples glow right before undressing.

Very soon the wind and rain will come

a great affair
with swift precision
the trees will be left bare.
Just their bony skeletons will remain.

Friday, October 2

Early Morning by the river.

The sun sparkled
the sky was clear and blue
the air was cool and crisp.
The beaver's dam is holding strong.
Ready for the ice and snow in the coming months.

Mist was rising off the water as the sun hit it.
Blue Jays
scold from above.
The river gurgles as it passed by with seamless ease.

Tuesday, September 29

Kitty jungle gym

Stella and Orion love to climb everything.
Stella trying to get that tail. But it always moves.
Kitty attitude!!!

Monday, September 28

Today IS a gift...enjoy every moment.

Yesterday is history.............
Tomorrow a mystery.........
Today Is a gift.........
That's why it's called ..............The Present

Thursday, September 24

Friday, September 18

Pretty in Pink

This morning started brisk but sunny. A delight. Stopping at the bank I noticed their flower beds were still beautiful and bright.

Pink perfection!