Thursday, November 19

Early morning frost....signs of cooler temps

Cat Mint

It is nearing Thanksgiving and now we turn to the tasks of preparing the garden for its winter rest.  Often I remark at how lush the vegetation becomes in the warm months and now reward the plants with a well earned and in most cases necessary dormant season. The day-lilies will be top-dressed  and the twiggy shrubs wrapped so their branches won't break under the weight of the impending snow that will eventually fall.  Burlap surrounds will go up to stop the wind from damaging the evergreens and tepees of old shutters will protect others.
Variegated Holly

Wednesday, May 27

Morning in the garden

Look who I found resting on the pepper plants.....a little gray tree frog.

All the poppies POPPED this morning!

Monday, April 20

Vermont walk about

Other blogs that I enjoy most are those that speak about their lives. I don't do that.....  
Spring in New England is still getting up and running. The ground is moist and in spots still too soft to tread on.  The grass hasn't quite burst through the earth but you know its about to.
Spring is my favorite season.  I was born in April and enjoy knowing that Mother nature and I get to start a new year together.  
I rejoice knowing that I will see new plants and flowers burst from the earth to celebrate.  Everyday the garden has a another surprise.