Saturday, May 30

Gnu London Whimsy

There is a fund raising event going on much like cows on parade. These are wildebeests and most are painted. This one is truly alive. Click in to see all its glory.
A true fork in the road.
Every year a new one shows up during the night and then some college student nabs it.

Friday, May 29

I hate ceilings.

In order to get the job done right my trusty music box is ever present. Late night radio on The Mill plays classic rock mostly from the 80's . Their motto: Embarrass the kids and turn it up.
At first I thought is was extravagant to by purchase another step-ladder. Turns out it has paid for itself 10 fold. Couldn't have done the job without it, I'm too short to reach the ceiling with the "guys" 2-step model.

OH! SEE! yuck, that means yet another layer of compound to feathering out and sand and wet-sand. The ceiling light just magnifies the imperfections. This is in my husband's office (he is a Tax Accountant), he said that most people won't notice they'll be too busy worrying about how much they own in taxes. Maybe so but it is getting another coat.
Stairs to the attic room. They actually curve and exit into the dining room. We had to remove the wall into the living room in order to get 4' x 8' sheetrock up there, and furniture someday. The guys have got half of the 2nd floor wired and insulated and sheetrocked. woohoo

Tuesday, May 26

Weekend summary

Friday night = sand and drywall
Saturday = drywall til 11:30pm
Sunday = shop with daughter & drywall
Monday = Parade & dig in dirt
These bridges are in Henniker, NH. Parade go-ers are waiting for the marching bands.
The parade was solemn with the colors flying and patriotic marches played.
I made it as far as the little light before it got too dark to see what I was doing.
I removed sod (3 feet wide by 10 feet long) to plant veggies, yes in the front yard!

Saturday, May 23

Weekend get-away, aka: fix-r-upper

This is where I'll be most of the weekend.
Sanding and mudding walls and ceilings and striping trim.
The guys will be wiring and insulating the attic.
Next up demo of the teeny bathroom.
Please notice the unmowed ajuga in foreground of photo. My husband thinks it's cool to have a purple lawn, so for about a month we will.

Wednesday, May 20

70 Slippers Counted

May 15th is my son's birthday (22 this year, wow!) & the Pink Lady Slippers are always just blooming around that time. So, I'm dragging you out into the woods once again!

Yesterday after work I decided to get some photos of our Lady Slippers and then I was wondering just how many I could find.
You have to go slow and make sure you're not walking on them, squat down and check the forest floor. They like the oak undergrowth with filtered light.
It has been on the endangered species list as folks wanted to collect them.
It belongs to the Orchid family.
This plant relies on a fungus to open and feed its seed. The plant can live for 20 years or more.

Monday, May 18

Gaywings : Fringed Polygala

I did not know these wildflowers as a child. They were something I discovered just a couple of year ago on the edge of our field. Such a funny little thing, reminds me of an airplane.

Friday, May 15

Hug your cat day!

Maui Waui is his name. He loves hugs. He loves to sleep. He is great at putting you to sleep if you are relaxing on the couch. He is such a big cat that he can't be a lap cat...your legs will start to tingle because of his weight. He is so mellow except about food. He has to have his wet tuna every night or we hear about it. And he better not be able to see the bottom of the dry food bowls or we'll hear about it. Make sure you hug your kitties. Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, May 13

Johnny Jump-ups

My daughter was asking me if I liked gardening when I was a kid.
I had to think for a minute because to my surprise I really don't think I did.
My Mom made me weed the vegetable garden.....and I hated it.
Those poor green beans got so much abuse.
And picking wasn't that much better.
NOW....I wonder what was wrong with me.
If I only had the time to weed, I'd be out there all day.

Monday, May 11

Sweet smell of spring

Bluets are a favorite of mine from childhood. They grow in shallow crummy soil where not much else wants to grow. They are here for just a couple of weeks in the spring and send up a wonder sweet fragrance. I have memories of gathering these in the sugar house pasture with my cousin Jennifer. We would get a baskets and fill them full and carry them home to our mothers. A few would make it into a small vase on the kitchen window sill and the rest we may have tossed in the air and twirled around.

Friday, May 8


Spring is a time of renewal. Plants that were dormant during the cold winter are once again coming to life. As I traipse about looking for those familiar wild plants I hear the bird songs of summer. The cardinal and hermit thrush have returned and I stop and take it all in this chorus of nature.
The delicate bell-like blossoms of the Low-bush blueberry and maroon trillium are among my finds. I remember picking trillium for my mother as a child and having my father laugh and tell me it's common name was Stinking Benjamin. If you've ever held it up close it is the perfect name for such a lovely thing.
I always feel renewed after I take the time to breath in the sounds and smells of nature.

Thursday, May 7

Yard inspection

Skunkerella approves of how the chives are coming along.
Jackie had no idea the primrose would winter-over from last year.
Yes, the pansies are well placed and looking fine. Now the house can go on the market.

Wednesday, May 6

Different Daffodils

I brought these daffodils from Vermont. Just a few of what is planted on the roadside bank "over the road" and in front of the Sugar House. A sight to behold every spring.
We had always referred to them as double daffodils. They look very different from the common jonquil. I still can't make up my mind if I like the look of them. They remind me of where I grew up and I'll take a few with me to the "new place".

Tuesday, May 5

Happy Chicks on parade

Out and about in the front yard. They love to roam about but I only do it when I'm working in the yard.
Thank you girls!

Monday, May 4

Macro Monday

Wild violets are springing up all through our lawn. They are so dainty.
The ever present yard-boss kitty.
She is sporting her new purple flea/tick collar.
She insisted on helping to take pictures of the ferns.
Make sure you click on the fern picture to see the full detail of this creation.

Visit this link for more lovely macros.

Saturday, May 2

Mirror image?

These pooches were at the post office and I took a quick shot of them as I was walking by. I had to laugh when I saw the photo. Perfectly mirrored.

Friday, May 1

Owl Print

A wayward owl flew into an Orem Library window during a snow storm on April 17th.
My brother who lives in Utah emailed this incredible photo from the local paper.
See the Daily Herald for the full story.