Friday, October 3


 New addition to the family!!! 

 dew on cobweb at the bank
 peonies at the dentist office
wire support idea for perenials

Tuesday, July 29

The flower or something else?

I really liked this background.

Bees are fascinating.

Enjoy the simple parts of life.

Thursday, June 12

Crane Estate Beach and Grounds

A Sunday trip to the "Beach" takes us to Ipswich Massachusetts.
Walk to Cedar Point through the dunes and you'll find a beach where boaters pull up and enjoy the sand. Walk further down the beach and you'll find the "board-walk" up the hillside to the Estate grounds.

Wednesday, June 11

Daffodil Dreams

Spring Time Favorite!

I guess I'm about a month behind...this photo was taken in early May.
It's feeling more like summer everyday.
  That is what we were waiting for all those cold winter months when 
we thought it was just never going to warm up!

Well mother nature is sure to continue the cycle.
Sprouting, growing and blooming all that lush greenery we dream about all winter.

Tuesday, April 1


Snow drops remind be of my Grandmother and my Father.
My favorite early spring bloom.
I think it actually made it to 60 degrees today.
Yesterday and the previous days have still been in the 30's.

South Carolina Women's basketball team made it to the 
elite eight then got knocked out by North Carolina.
I Think Cocky is protesting.

Friday, January 10

Happy Anniversary Socks!

Socks has been with us for a year now.
He arrived before Christmas last year.
I think he is glad he doesn't have to live outside anymore.
With the temperatures in the single digits we've all been sitting close to the fire.