Monday, December 15

ICE, ICE Baby!!!!

We are recovering from Friday's Ice Storm. The ice is terribly beautiful and mighty destructive. These ice covered trees and more farther up the hill hang over our 450 foot driveway. Luckily none of the white pines fell into the driveway, just in the woods. We have been without power since Saturday at 3am. We have a coal stove that heats the house and a brook to gather water for flushing. All the stores are currently sold out of batteries, candles and lamp oil.


  1. Wow! I live in Northern CA and we get an earthquake every 100 years or so that are horrible. But not the weather like you get. I sometimes think I would not survive in harsh weather because of me being used to my "prissy" weather. I can say it has been cold (for here). We are at freezing at night and about 45 F during the day. Next time I complain about the freezing rain or cold wind I will think of you.
    Good luck.

  2. We didn't get the ice here "up nawth" that some parts of the state got. We were above the snow line. We got lucky this time and didn't lose power at all. Beautiful pictures!


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