Tuesday, December 30

Ruby Tuesday

Japanese Barberry
Beautiful as it may be it is considered invasive.
  • Beautiful berries and orange-purple foliage in the fall.
  • Folk medicine uses for its antibacterial properties & the treatment of intestinal symptoms.
  • Birds nest in the shrubs, protected by its thorny branches.
  • Hedges make natural fences.
  • Roots and stem make a deep yellow natural dye.
  • Displacing native plant species.
  • This in turn reduces the variety of wildlife habitat and forage.
  • Extremely difficult to eradicate due to its long tap root.
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  1. cute and beautiful photo, happy new year to you.. visit me here http://www.travelnorms.com/2008/12/ruby-tuesday_30.html

  2. Love the contrast of the red berries against the white of the snow. Very pretty!

  3. How pretty, there's something truly special about red berries against snow or frost or...:) Happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful photo. I think I want to plant some myself!


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