Thursday, October 15

Flooring...getting closer to move in status

There are hardwood floors through-out the first floor.
We took on three of them last weekend.
Under the years of dirt and wear was gorgeous Maple flooring.
I'll try to remember to snap a shot of the finished floors.
Done 4 coats of clear polyurethane.
Carpeting for the upstairs Master Suite. Heather Gray.
Three week lead time for this and professionals will install.

Keep you fingers crossed, we have a P & S on the Country House.
Closing date is to be November 2nd.
Now waiting on the buyers bank.


  1. I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed that your closing is accomplished as scheduled. I love you carpet choice and the finished floors will be gleaming. Glad you're soon done and can relax!

  2. You've certainly put a lot of work into this; and it's been very interesting following the progress.

  3. You guys are impressive! The floors and walls, trim and doors look like new! And I love your kitties! The carpeting and wall colors are great - so calm and homey! Thanks for sharing photos of the progress. It is going to be absolutely stunning when finished! Monica


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