Sunday, October 18

Kitty approved flooring

Stella is sitting by the Front Door.
Orion basks in the afternoon sun in the living room.

Last weekend Stella went to the Vet for an unscheduled visit. Something was wrong you could tell. Poor thing just sat in one spot and wasn't interested in playing. Stella had a temperature of 104. 2 degrees above normal. Blood work was done to check for liver & kidney functions and white & red blood cell counts. Those were normal. The Vet guessed a virus. So home with Kitty Tylenol and antibiotics with close supervision. Stella is back to normal now!


  1. Stella and Orion look regal surveying and basking on the wood! Great job. I'm glad kitty feels better.

  2. Glad to hear Stella made a good recovery.
    Orion certainly looks comfortable in that shot.

    Thanks for your kind words Andrea on my last post post. Appreciated.


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