Wednesday, January 13

I still can't believe it

Fireplace during construction,
before insulation, lighting and wallboard.
Now in working order.

I am so thankful every day that we were able to pull off buying and renovating an older house and selling the one we were in. There were times when it seemed like it might not happen. We still have work to do here. Take the mantel piece, I'm thinking Vermont Soapstone. Black with a touch that is smooth and somehow soft. For now the pine 1 x 4 is in place until we scavenge the right piece.


  1. That looks so cosy. A fantastic job.

  2. Andrea - You and your Husband have worked miracles. I see the kitty is enjoying the renovation, too. Soapstone would be lovely!

  3. Wow...what a difference. I agree with looks very cozy! I enjoyed the photos of Key West. After being locked in a deep freeze since Christmas, photos of the sun and green leaves were really nice!!


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