Tuesday, June 22

Porch Project keeps us busy.

Installing this new Window was easier with the help of
our brother-in-law and the truck.
After insulating the exterior wall, the vapor barrier went on.

The windows are trimmed with simple pine.
4 inch pine bead board tongue & grove went on the wall.
The ceiling has 4 inch tongue & grove cedar planks.

Charlie & Nick ran new wiring and lights were attached inside and out.
This view is from the kitchen.
The old entry door and frame have been removed.
(We took it out to the street and put a free sign on it
and a few hours later it was gone.)

This view is from the porch to the kitchen with the new window
installed where the old door was.
The guys installed cedar shakes on what would have been the
exterior of the house before the porch.

Now it's my turn: Paint and Stain.
White wash on the bead board, exterior paint color on the shakes.
The cedar ceiling we are going to leave for now and see if it will gray naturally.
When I'm done spilling paint, the guys will come back and install oak flooring.


  1. I love the beaded board and the shakes you are using. This is going to turn out wonderfully.

  2. I was also trying to see if you moved the porch steps! What a light-filled room you'll have and a great view from the kitchen. I see kitty approves...

  3. Don't know how I've missed all these Andrea, but been catching up on your posts.
    Some amazing renovations going on there. A lot of hard work, I'm sure, but so worth it. It must be great to be able to do all this, and so satisfying. My handyman skills are pretty limited these days lol

  4. Monica Small7/23/10, 7:05 PM

    Beautiful wood in your porch! It looks like a very relaxing room. Thanks for sharing the photos of all the hard work you've done! Truly impressive!


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