Thursday, June 3

Roses and Renovations

This rose bush planted long ago by the former owners; the Muzzeys, is like a gift from the past. Last year I think it had one or two blooms. I cut it back hard in the fall and gave her a new trellis and a little food. She has thanked us by providing 50 plus blooms this year.

The renovations are in full swing. The new screen door above goes into the basement. Another place for the indoor kitties to view the chippys and now much easier to bring out the laundry to hang on the line. We customized the size; 10 inches off the top and fit the cross piece back in and restrung the screening. I added heavy wire cloth to the bottom in case one of the cats tried to scratch their way out.
Something is missing!? We are making the back-porch into more than just a hallway. Down came the ceiling, off came the paneling on the walls, up came the rug and tiles on the floor and lastly the door and storm windows gone.

The plan: put in insulated windows and door, rewire this whole end of the house (that includes part of the kitchen, the garage and out-door lights), new beadboard ceiling and walls and then lay down hardwood floors. Oh yes, we'll be building new temporary stairs because we are moving the door location. (The deck is next year.)

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  1. Andrea - You are always doing something new, and I enjoy seeing your progress. (I thought you were DONE!!) Those old roses are the best.


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