Thursday, May 12

Final adjustments to her wedding gown.

Our daughter is graduating from college and getting married this month.
She had her final fitting and they made the last adjustments, so we thought.
Trying it on at home the hem on the fifth layer was missed.
The inner taffeta was still 4 inches too long.

So I marked the fabric got out the Fiskars and started in.
A tiny rolled hem was in order and I had just the right tool.
I couldn't let the opportunity go by without adding a bit of fun, so the bobbin thread is bright blue.
It was a long way around the hem of this dress about 6 yards in all.
She was nervous about me cutting her dress.
It's just fabric after all and the inner most layer.
I was pleased with the result.

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  1. Now she will be wearing something blue, too. Hope the festivities are full of love and rejoicing, Andrea. You have much to celebrate.


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