Tuesday, January 27

Fun way to Shop

So cute!!

I am slow on the uptake with some forms of technology ... my adult children just roll their eyes and say "where have you been? we've been doing it this way forever."
I realized this weekend after finding little cash in my wallet that I can enjoy shopping by take pictures of those things that I don't really need but think are awesome.
And if I decide later that I do want to purchase that whatever
I can look for them online for less than retail. The other problem that keeps creeping into the back of my brain is that anything I purchase I know that I'll have to pack it and move it in just a few months to the "new tiny house".

For now I'll have them digitally to remember.


  1. I know what you mean about not wanting to accumulate more stuff. My house is so full of it, that the thought of moving makes me wish a hurricane would just sweep it all away!

  2. I want those, all three of them and yes, that is a neat thing to do, for when you like to treat yourself to something or need ideas for gifts! Now and then I do take pictures of such things, mostly I write them down in my little pink book I keep in my handbags:)


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